Last weekend Maika Monroe Source suffered some downtime for about five days due to a hacker & I have finally managed to get the site sorted again. I have a Twitter account for the site – @MaikaMSource and if you have a twitter account & haven’t done so already I suggest you follow Maika Monroe Source as any future downtime or problems with the site can be found there.

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I want to wish all Maika fans a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I hope you, your families & loved ones all have a wonderful & safe holiday season. Also thank you all for your continued support of the site this year. Maika has another big year ahead of her in 2019 so Maika Monroe Source will continue to keep you up to date with all her endeavors.

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The gallery has been updated with 49 HQ Press Conference Portraits for Independence Day: Resurgence & the LQ cast Portraits for Independence Day: Resurgence have been replaced with 8 HQ photos. You may also notice new links for a press archive & video archive have been added to the site – both of these are currently a work in progress,

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Photoshoots & Portraits > Portraits > Independence Day: Resurgence Portraits
Photoshoots & Portraits > Portraits > Independence Day: Resurgence Press Conference
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Thanks to the talented Gemma over at Gratrix Designs we have a brand new header for both the maim & gallery layouts using this gorgeous photoshoot.

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You may have noticed I have not been keeping this site updated with all the appearances Maika has made throughout January. Due to personal & health reasons I have been taking a break from my fansites – especially this one as I have been having second thoughts about keeping it up & running thanks to a few inconsiderate fans. I don’t do this site for Maika or to get her attention – as my disclaimer says “The site is fan run, for the fans” & sometimes I wonder why I really bother. I had already renewed the domain for another year so after a lot of thought I have decided to keep the site running(until the domain is up for renewal at least & then depending on how things are going will reevaluate things again). I have put too much time, effort & money into this site to let it be ruined by a few inconsiderate people. If I shut the site down they would have won & also why should a few ruin it for everyone else that appreciates what I do.

In Maika news, entertainment website Deadline has announced that in the US The Scent of Rain & Lightning is to be out in theaters and on-demand February 16th & then DVD/Blu-ray on March 20th. I am actually quite excited about watching this movie when it comes out.

i will be adding the rest of Maika’s appearances for January to the gallery at another time but for now I have added HD screen captures from an appearance Maika made on Season 12 of Watch What Happens Live!. This was back in March 2015 & she was promoting “It Follows” at the time.

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Screen Captures > Other > Watch What Happens Live!: Season 12
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I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I am going away tomorrow for a few days to spend Christmas with my family. I won’t have my laptop with me so I won’t be doing any more updates until I am back.

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