Maika attended a couple of parties on Thursday(1st March) & back on February 20th. She has attended the Esquire Celebrates March Issue’s Mavericks of Hollywood party, Vanity Fair & Lancome Paris Toast Women In Hollywood & the Cadillac Oscar Celebration. She was also seen leaving the Chateau Marmot Hotel on Thursday. HQ/MQ photos have been added to the gallery from all these appearances.

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I have updated the gallery with Maika’s appearances from 2015 & 2016. There are 1,330 HQ photos in all from these years. In 2015 Maika attended the Sundance Film Festival for It Follows & in 2016 Maika had premieres for The 5th WaveIndependence Day: Resurgence. The gallery is now completely updated with Maika’s appearances.

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The gallery has been updated with the editorial Maika did for Da Man Magazine February/March 2012. The quality isn’t the best but it is the best I could get it.

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Magazines > 2012 > Da Man Magazine February/March 2012
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The gallery has been updated with 4 UHQ character posters from Hot Summer Nights. Thanks goes to Meg @TeamMaikaMonroe for these wonderful photos.

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Movies > (2017) Hot Summer Nights > Posters
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I watched The Scent of Rain & Lightning last night & have to say it is by far the best movie Maika has done since ‘It Follows‘ & ‘The Guest‘. The movie interweaves the present-day story with scenes set several years in the past involving Jody’s parents so if you are not paying very close attention you may find yourself confused at times. A few times in the movie my mind drifted & I had to rewind the movie a bit because it was like “WTF is happening here?” I have updated the gallery with 6,290 HD screen captures from the movie…..if you have not watched it yet they may contain spoilers. I have also added new & upgraded posters & stills from the movie.

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Movies > (2018) The Scent Of Rain And Lightning > Posters
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I have updated the gallery with 415 HQ photos from Maika’s appearances in 2013 & 2014. She attended premieres for At Any Price, The Guest & It Follows at various film festivals.

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