The gallery has been updated with 15 HQ/MQ photos of appearances Maika made at the 2018 SxSW Film Festival.  There were sweet FA in way of pictures from the 2018 SxSW Film Festival itself let alone Maika & her movie ‘Shotgun’ but I managed to scrape together a few. I have also added 14 HQ candids of Maika & Joe out for dinner last Wednesday(7th March) night.

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Maika & Joe were seen out for lunch in Beverly Hills Yesterday(6th March). Looks like one of the Pap’s knocked into a shops sign on the footpath trying to snap photos of the couple. I have added 119 HQ candids to the gallery of the outing.

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Maika attended a couple of parties on Thursday(1st March) & back on February 20th. She has attended the Esquire Celebrates March Issue’s Mavericks of Hollywood party, Vanity Fair & Lancome Paris Toast Women In Hollywood & the Cadillac Oscar Celebration. She was also seen leaving the Chateau Marmot Hotel on Thursday. HQ/MQ photos have been added to the gallery from all these appearances.

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I have updated the gallery with Maika’s appearances & candids from January to the gallery from the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards & the Paris fashion week. The photos are HQ/MQ.

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Happy New Year & welcome to 2018. Maika has a few movies due for release this year although there are no solid dates for any of them as yet as most of Maika’s movies are Indie’s that need to wait for a distributor to pick them up before being released. At this stage there is no news of any kind of release for two of her movies from last year – The Scent of Rain & Lightning & I’m Not Here. Both Tau & Hot Summer Nights have been picked up by streaming services but that is all that is known so far.

Today I have updated the gallery with new candids from previous years & over the next week or so I will be updating Maika’s old appearances & have some new photoshoots & portraits to add.

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