Maika appeared at the W Magazine’s It Girl Luncheon in Los Angles on Saturday(6th January) hosted by Lynn Hirschberg & Dior. I have updated the gallery with 4 HQ photos from this appearance.

Also I can’t understand how owners of Maika Monroe fan Twitter Accounts, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogs etc would rather sit there & spend hours cutting & editing the tags off the images in my gallery & posting them on their ‘whatever’ than spend 30 seconds saying they got them from Maika Monroe Source & linking back – there is something REALLY wrong with you people thinking it is okay to do this.

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I have updated the gallery with HD screen captures from The Tribes of Palos Verdes as well as a few more promotional photos. I have also added more HQ photos from the Los Angeles Premiere, HQ’s from filming the movie & another appearance from the Hamptons International Film Festival in conjunction with The Tribes of Palos Verdes.

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I have updated the gallery with new HQ photos for most of Maika’s appearances in 2017. These are either new photos or upgrades of smaller photos already in the gallery. This includes an additional 162 HQ photos from Friday nights The Tribes of Palos Verdes Los Angeles Premiere.

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Maika attended the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Tribes of Palos Verdes‘ on Friday night (17th November) with boyfriend Joe Keery from ‘Stranger Things’. Other cast members from the movie – Jennifer Garner, Justin Kirk & Cody Fern who play her family in the film also attended. I have added 160 HQ photos of Maika from this appearance to the gallery.

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Maika made an appearance at the premiere of season two of the Netflix series “Stranger Things’ on Friday(27th October) with boyfriend Joe Keery who stars in the series & also co-stars in Shotgun with Maika. This is the couples first ‘official’ appearance as a couple. Maika looks stunning in a red sequined dress designed by Stella McCartney. You can find over 650 HQ photos of Maika in the gallery from this appearance.

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