This is the new production film by Paris Kassidokostas!

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The Hercules Film Fund and Rhea Films are pleased to announce the world premiere of their film “TAU” at Netflix on June 29th. “TAU” is a science fiction thriller by producer David Goyer, Batman’s “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Man of Steel,” starring Maika Monroe (“It Follows” and Ed Skrein (“Game Of Thrones”) while the recently awarded Academy Award-winning role, Gary Oldman, has given Tau his voice. This is the directorial debut of Federico D’Alessandro, who has been an animatics supervisor in Marvel (“Doctor Strange”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”). The film was shot in Serbia.

In the presence of selected journalists, a brief press conference was held in Athens on Wednesday 13 June, with the participation of producers Paridi Kassidokosta-Latsi and Tery Dunga, as well as the protagonist of Maika Monroe, who is currently in Greece for vacation.

The scenario of the series is by Noga Landau and the case is evolving around the kidnapping of a micro-scam Julia (Monroe) by a dangerous scientist who uses it as a test animal in a crazy experiment. The only obstacle to escaping and releasing is Tau (Gary Oldman), a robot with superior artificial intelligence, built by her abductor, Skrein. Julia must shortly gain Tau’s confidence, bridging the gap between man and machine to avoid certain death.

It is Gary Oldman’s first “presence” after the Oscar-winning role in 2018 for “Darkest Hour”.

Maika Monroe, after her success in the thriller “It Follows”, was named the new Hollywood Scream Queen. From her first appearances she was featured in 2014 in The Guest, starring in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Ed Skrein made a special sense in 2013 as Daario Naharis in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and in 2016 he stood out as Ajax in “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds.

The Hercules Film Fund, run by Paris Kassidokosta-Latsis, funded the film with Ken Kao’s Waypoint Entertainment, while Rhea Films by Terry Dougas and Jean Luc De Fanti produced alongside Addictive Pictures and Kevin Turen

The TAU movie comes on June 29, only at Netflix.