The gallery has been updated with 10 HQ/MQ production stills from the movie ‘Greta’ as well as 31 HD screen captures from the official trailer.

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The gallery has been updated with a HQ poster & HD screen captures from the official trailer of Maika’s short film ‘How To Be Alone’ which will be premiered at the 2019 SxSW Festival.

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Maika & Joe were seen arriving at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday 6th January for a Golden Globes party. I have updated the gallery with 10 HQ candids from this outing.

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Last weekend Maika Monroe Source suffered some downtime for about five days due to a hacker & I have finally managed to get the site sorted again. I have a Twitter account for the site – @MaikaMSource and if you have a twitter account & haven’t done so already I suggest you follow Maika Monroe Source as any future downtime or problems with the site can be found there.

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I want to wish all Maika fans a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I hope you, your families & loved ones all have a wonderful & safe holiday season. Also thank you all for your continued support of the site this year. Maika has another big year ahead of her in 2019 so Maika Monroe Source will continue to keep you up to date with all her endeavors.

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Sorry for the lack of updates on the site but I have been busy with other things over the last couple of months. Now I have set time aside for my fansites I have heaps of gallery updates coming including photoshoots, appearances & candids. Maika appears in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine & I have updated the gallery with 8 HQ photos from the photoshoot & 246 HD screen captures from Maika’s “Flaunt Film” – which is essentially a behind the scenes clip of the photoshoot. This behind the scenes video can be found in out Video Archive & the accompanying article has been added to the Press Archive.

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